Bad Idea Filter? Yup, We All Need One of Those!

Everything we ever do starts as an idea in our brains. When you walk, your brain first sends a signal to your legs to start walking:

Walking 01.gif

When you talk, your brain first sends a signal to your mouth to start talking:

Talking 02.gif

Some of the ideas that pop into our heads are good ones and some are not-so-good:

Problems happen when we act on the bad ideas. We hurt people's feelings, we do things we regret, we get in trouble.

So what we all need is a Bad Idea Filter to block the bad ideas and let the good ideas go through:

Ideas and Filter 01.gif

What do you think? How can you filter out the bad ideas that pop into your head?

First, learn to notice the thoughts that go through your head. Try it right now! Sit in silence for twenty seconds and pay attention to what happens in your mind. Ready? Set. Go!

Soft elevator music...

How did it go? What did you notice in your mind? Did you hear voices? Your voice or someone else's? Did you see images in your mind? Feel any feelings? How many different thoughts do you think you had in that time?

So the first step in filtering out the bad ideas is to learn to pay attention to what's happening in your mind. The next step, when you aren't sure if it's a good idea, is to...

Stop and think.PNG

Sometimes we aren't sure if an idea is good or not-so-good:

When this happens, stop and think. Ask yourself questions like these:

Doing this will help you avoid doing things that you regret, or that hurt others' feelings, or that get you in trouble.

So, in closing, be sure to always use your Bad Idea Filter, because we all need this important device. Even dogs need it.


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