The Grand Purpose of School Is: Take Tests and Get Grades. NOPE!

When they first invented school, this is NOT how they did it:

That's ridiculous, of course. What then is the purpose of school? Why was it invented? The first two purposes everyone knows; the third one only some people know.

First, you are in school to learn and grow in many different ways. Grades, tests, and report cards are ONLY a way of measuring that growth. They were invented as a way for teachers, parents, and you to say, "These are the things the student has learned well; these are the things the student still needs to learn."

Second, you are in school for socialization, friendships, and fun experiences. This is why each student isn't educated in his or her own private cubicle.

Cubicles 02-sm.png

The third purpose is to teach you to work hard. When you go and get a job in a few years, your boss is going to want to know that you've learned enough (Purpose #1) but they will also need to know that you will be a hard worker and actually do your job.

Sometimes people do too much comparing, ranking, and competing. The purpose of grades and tests is NOT so that your teacher can go home and put pictures on her wall of her students from best to worst. The purpose is to find out what each of you has learned and what you still need to learn.

Last but not least, the fourth purpose for school learn to love learning! If you're doing school the right way, history is wild and fascinating, science is mind-blowing, math becomes a set of concepts that you can learn to conquer, defeating every problem that is sent your way!

A final reason (though surely there are others) is to learn to love learning! And to learn to love history, and creative writing, and math...

So just come to school and learn, learn, learn! Find ways to enjoy it--enjoy learning about this big world of ours. Enjoy watching your brain grow with knowledge. Become a Math Conqueror, defeating any problem that tests send your way! And, lastly and most importantly, keep your muddy feet off your desk!