Don't Let Friends Turn You into a HENCHMAN!

"Sure, Boss, Whatever You Say!" Don't Let Friends Turn You into a Henchman!

[Two mafia goons saying, whatever you say boss, sure thing boss. The boss doesn't have a speech bubble. Maybe use the word "master" for one of them.]

In the movies, henchmen are the guys who do whatever the big bad boss says. They do the dirty work. They do the things the boss doesn't want to do himself. The boss treats them like servants or slaves, walking all over them. Sometimes they're called lackeys, toadies, goons or underlings. 

Can you think of any henchmen from movies or books? Who were Malfoy's henchmen in the Harry Potter series? Or Gaston's lackey from Beauty and the Beast? My personal favorite goon is the one in Emperor's New Groove--remember his name?

Well, in real life, some kids try to turn their friends into henchmen. Here's what it might look like:

[Girl telling other girls to not be friends and they say "okay" and "we won't." 

These two girls might as well be saying (in a dumb, servanty voice):

[Just the two girls' speech bubbles: Sure thing, Boss! Whatever you say, Boss!]

Don't let friends turn you into a henchman!! If a friend is trying to get you to do something mean, wrong, or that makes you feel uncomfortable, you know what you should say?

"I'm not your little slave! I'm not your henchman! I'm going to be friends with who I want to be friends with. You're not the boss of me."

Here's another example of what Boss-Henchman situations look like:

[Find a peer pressure picture, or do one of my own cartoons with this text: You should go over there and <do something inappropriate> would be hilarious! laugh at you.  Right away, master!]

Why might someone go along with a friend's bad ideas? Why is it sometimes hard to say no to these friends?

Sometimes kids have a hard time saying no to friends who are popular, or who are their only friend, or who they have been friends with since kindergarten, or who are just really, really bossy. Be careful in these situation. Sometimes we are worried about losing a friend...but what this really means is that we are worried about losing a not-so-great friend.

Be confident! Do the right thing, even if it means losing a not-so-great friend! Be brave!

And don't be a henchman!

(Though, I guess you can if you want--I'm not your master or anything...)