There IS Greatness Inside You. Will You Choose to Bring It Out?

Woman at Subway

There's a movie that begins with a woman hurrying to catch a subway train one morning. Just as she is reaching the train, the doors start to close. The movie then does something strange: it shows two different versions of what could happen next in her life. Half the movie shows what happens in her life if she makes it onto the train and to her appointment on time. The other half shows how different her life would be if she missed the train.

Our lives are a lot like that. Every decision we make can take our lives down different paths. Who will you be in the future? There may be a million different possibilities of the person you could become! For example...


It depends on his choices. There are many different things he could become...


For example, let's say he decides to make lazy, mean, angry choices all throughout his life. Well, in that case he might become a.....

Unfortunately, it's true. We create our own future. And if we make angry, mean, lazy choices, we might even become a dud!

Or let's say this boy kinda makes good choices throughout his life--kinda works hard, kinda doesn't, kinda nice to others, kinda mean. He could become...

And that's also kinda sad, because if this boy decides to work hard, do good to others, and make good choices (even when those good choices are hard choices!), he could become.....

There is greatness inside you! That does not mean "rich and famous," by the way, though those things are possible. It means something even better. You have the power within you to become a fantastic human being. Someone that makes your world, or your neighborhood, or your home a better place. 


We look at great human beings like Martin Luther King Jr. and think, "He was just different. I'm not like that. He was probably even destined to become great."

Not true. Crazy thing is, if Martin Luther King had decided to make poor choices instead of great choices, even he could have become a dud!

Martin Luther King was once a regular kid like you. Nobody knew he would grow up to become a great human being (one who also happened to change history). At some point he decided, "I'm going to do something good with my life. I'm going to make the choices that will make that happen--even if they are tough choices."

Crazy thing is, YOU have just as much greatness inside you as Martin Luther King did. What are you going to do with it?


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Subway train movie reference: Sliding Doors 

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