I Have a Calm Down Plan, But When I'm Angry, I NEVER WANT TO DO IT!

Girl Only 01- Ian coloring.png

When we are angry, it's like there's a war inside of us. We don't feel completely like ourselves. Later we wonder, "Why in the world was I acting like that? That wasn't me at all!"

Let's go inside this girl's mind to see what anger looks like.

Head close-up 01.png

This is how things look when she is calm: 

Girl's Mind 04-color03 - draft#3.png

The calm version of herself is at the controls, making good choices for her. That regular version of herself presses buttons that make her smile, say nice things, play, and have fun.

But when she gets angry, this is what her mind looks like:

Grabbing the Wheel 01 - ian colors - dra

It's hard to control herself because her anger is trying to take over. It wants to do mean, angry things.

So, when we're angry, does it work to take deep breaths? or count to 10? or think good thoughts? Only if we force them to work!

When we're angry, we won't want to walk away and calm down, so we have to force our legs to walk away! We have to force our mouths to stay closed and not say nasty things! We have to win the war with ourselves!

Getting Out Duct Tape 05 - ian coloring

Don't let your anger win! Don't let it get you to do and say things you'll later regret! You must be the boss of your anger!

Taped Up 01 - Draft#1.png

If we can control our anger for just a few minutes, keeping our mouths closed and walking away if we can, we'll find that our bodies and minds start to naturally calm down after just a few minutes.

After just a few minutes (for some people it might take longer) we will be in control enough to go back and peacefully solve the problem that made us mad.


When we calmly deal with our problem, we will feel a great sense of self-confidence because we were strong enough to control ourselves and win the war with the angry gorilla!

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