5 Kid Problems that Are Superpowers in Disguise!

As a school counselor, one of my favorite things is helping kids see that the problem they are struggling with may actually be a symptom of a hidden superpower. For example...

Hidden Superpower #1: ADHD

When kids tell me they have ADHD, their heads usually slump down like they think they're broken or something. Sure, ADHD can create some sizable problems (particularly in schools where a lot of sitting and listening are required) but ADHD is also a gift that gives kids superpowers.

People with ADHD are often bursting with energy! Some people would pay millions for that! People with ADHD are usually incredibly fun! People enjoy being around them when they make everything exciting and happy. People with ADHD are often overflowing with creativity. They have so much imagination that their minds are constantly taking them to amazing places.

Yes, ADHD can certainly be challenging at times, but you can do great things in this world with that energy, fun personality, and creativity! This world needs people with those superpowers!

Hidden Superpower #2: Sadness

I talk to kids all the time who are sad when their friends can't get along, or sad about a loved one who is sick, or sad about their parents' problems. You know what I like to tell them (with a big smile on my face)? Good! I'm actually kind of glad that you're sad, because that's the sign of a big heart!


Not all kids have as much care for others as you do! This world needs people with big hearts like you! You're going to grow up and do all sorts of good with that big heart of yours, like maybe you'll be a great mom or dad, or a doctor, nurse, counselor, veterinarian, or work for some service organization that will make the world a better place.

The problem with having a big heart is that sometimes it breaks, but having a big heart is also a superpower that this world desperately needs! So keep on caring and keep on using that big heart for good!

Hidden Superpower #3: Too Talkative!

Here's a superpower I've always wished I had... Some kids end up in my office for too much blurting out or talking with their friends in class. Yes, interrupting the class is definitely an issue, but the gift of gab is a wonderful superpower!

These kids rarely feel shy around others and almost never feel awkward about not know what to say. Interesting things to talk about constantly pop into their brains. Many of these kids find friends easily because they are able to talk with people of all shapes and sizes.

Some of the most interesting and successful people on the planet have this superpower. They are talk show hosts, leaders, salespeople, comedians, teachers, coaches... Be glad if you've got this superpower too!

Hidden Superpower #4: Fears

And here's one that--as a kid--I wished I didn't have! When the sun went down and the lights turned off, I spent many hours of the night doing battle with all the scary things my brain dreamed up.

But I have never met a kid with these kinds of fears who didn't also have an incredible imagination!

Sure, at night these incredible imaginations terrify us, but during the day these imaginations create brand new worlds, mind-bending stories, and astonishing artistic creations. Sometimes your imagination may feel like a curse, but this superpower is also a great blessing. 

Hidden Superpower #5: Anxiety

A final superpower is found in those who worry. They worry that something bad might happen to their parents. They worry that their friends won't like them anymore. They worry that they won't do well on a school project. They worry about a hundred other things too!

What could possibly be good about worrying? Well the thing about most worriers is that they are also great thinkers! For instance, thinking so much about what could happen makes them excellent at planning. A person with this superpower might be a student making a plan to do better on the next test or a president making a plan to strengthen their country.

They also tend to notice things that other people don't. For example, they usually have good self-awareness, whereas a person with not-so-good self-awareness might not even notice a strand of spaghetti dangling from their chin after dinner. And because they notice so much, they often do excellent work because they are so careful about it.

Crazy, isn't it? Even worrying can be a superpower!

Anxiety 01.JPG

Well, those are five superpowers that are hidden inside problems. But there are more. What other hidden superpowers can you think of?

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