Need Friends? Your Next Best Friends Are Hidden All Around You

These two boys don't really know each other. They know each other's names and were once in the same class, but they've never really hung out and aren't really friends.

The thing is...they SHOULD be best friends. If they could only get to know each other better, they would find that they have everything in common, have the same sense of humor, would end up being roommates in college, and would still meet up in their 90s to talk about their grandchildren!

But that may never happen. Maybe they're too shy to invite the other to hang out. Or maybe they think they've already got enough friends.

The mind-boggling thing is that there are people out there right now who would be amazing friends for you just the way you are, but you haven't found them yet. Some you may have found already. Others may be hidden in your neighborhood or school, maybe even your class.

Let's look at Kara, for example. She is brand new at her school and doesn't know anyone yet.


Here are all the kids who would make great friends for her. The red circles are best friends; the blue circles are good friends.

Classmates 01.png

Of course, she doesn't know who they are, so she has to search. She invites this girl to play, and they spend a few days hanging out...

But, for one reason or another, they just don't connect very well:

So she tries out another person and they play together for a few days...

...but this friendship doesn't really work out either.

Several days and no friends. What might she be tempted to think now? "Nobody likes me! People here are mean! I want to go back to my old school!"

But remember: Her friends are out there! She's just got to find them!


Think of it like a treasure hunt: 

If these kids were actually treasure chests, and I told you that several of them had king-sized candy bars inside, would you give up after looking in two? "Woe is me! I tried two chests and found nothing! I'm a failure! I'll never find them!"

No! You'd be tearing through those chests like a rampaging maniac! "Where's that candy! I know it's around here somewhere! Is it in this one? No? Who cares, let me try the next one!" You wouldn't stop until you'd tried them all!

We need to try out new friends just like that! (Well, maybe a little calmer than that--foaming at the mouth isn't a great way to make new friends.)

So that's what Kara tries. "Well, it didn't really work out with those first two girls, but I'm going to keep searching until I find my people!"

And it works!

She found one of her friends! She wasn't expecting her next best friend to be a boy, but you never know what your friends will look like. They can be any shape or size!

And she doesn't stop there. Every new friend she finds adds something new and wonderful to her life.

How about you? Your friends ARE out there! Go find them! It's a treasure hunt!

Treasure chest - closed 01.png

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