Princess Leia and the Pea

A Parody for People Who Want Perfection

There are two ways of looking at the story of the Princess and the Pea. The first is that it's a charming story about a princess who found her prince and lived happily ever after. The other is that it's a story of a princess who was really, really, really.....



She was spoiled and had to have everything exactly how she liked or she was a miserable, cranky mess. When she went to stay at another castle, the servants there were so worried that she'd complain and get them all fired that they stacked 19 mattresses high so there would be no possible way she could complain about her sleep.

Hand with Pea 01.png

But unfortunately there was a single, tiny pea between two of the mattresses, and the princess didn't sleep a wink that night. 

The next morning she complained and complained. "That was the worst night of my life! It felt like a bowling ball was sticking in my back all night!"

Now, we all laugh, roll our eyes, and think, "What a wimpy princess!" Buuuut... do we sometimes act like the princess and the pea?

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Sometimes we get so used to having things a certain way that it bothers us when our way is changed. We live in a world where new inventions come out daily, each one trying to make life a little easier, more comfortable, and more perfect. Maybe this is part of the problem.

Air-conditioning in our homes and cars make the air exactly how we like it. So what do we do when we have to deal with air that is cold, hot, humid, or rainy?


Microwaves and high-speed internet bring us what we want when we want it. We might get so used to this that we forget how to be patient.


We might get so used to having screens, parties, and rollercoasters to entertain us that we forget how to make our own fun when we’re bored.

If we’re not careful, we can come to depend on things being easy, comfortable, and perfect. That’s why we need to be strong. We need to be flexible. We need to find another way when something doesn't turn out the way we want. We need to be tough--unlike the princess and the pea. In short, we need to be like…

princess leia and the pea_edited.png
princess leia and the pea_edited.png

When Princess Leia got to the castle, kicked off her combat boots, and tossed her laser gun onto the nightstand, she hardly noticed the stack of 19 cozy mattresses. "I'll sleep on the floor if I have to. I once slept chained up next to an 18-foot garden slug, I can sleep anywhere!"

Jabba and Leia 02_edited.png

She didn't notice the pea at all. "That was even softer than my one-armed wampa rug back home."

The next night, just to see what this tough little princess would do, they swapped the pea out for BB-8.

BB8 in mattresses 04.png

Still, she slept like a baby. "Oh, BB-8 was in there?" she asked the next morning. "I didn't notice, I was having a dream about the time I saved Han and Luke from that trash compactor. Those two whiners were so busy arguing about how bad it smelled in there that they weren't doing anything to stop the walls from turning us into pancakes. I had to save them--AGAIN!"

You see, Princess Leia is tough. She doesn't let a sore throat or a spelling test ruin her day. Be like that. Be tough. Be a princess. Be

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