Why Get into the Wrong Kind of Fun When There Is So Much Good Fun to Have?

Let's say you go to this place, the Land of Fun, on vacation. How many different things can you think of to do there for fun?

I'll give you a minute to think...

Ready? Here are some things you might have noticed:




Whale watching






Playing on the beach

Climbing the light house

Hot air ballooning

Checking out that cool-looking building

Playing in the waterfall

Tree climbing

There are so many fun things to do here that you could spend weeks or years and never get bored!

You might have noticed another place in the Land of Fun. It's called...

Trouble Swamp is also a place to have fun, but this kind of fun involves trouble. People get injured there. Things get broken. You might have a lot of fun in there but also lose your favorite jacket or shoes. Problems might happen there that take days, weeks, or months to recover from.

Sure, it's fun. But it's Fun + Trouble. So the most important question is: When there are so many awesome, amazing, unforgettable, good fun things to do in the Land of Fun...why waste your time in Trouble Swamp?

Life is just like that. This life is packed full of awesome, amazing, unforgettable good fun things to do, so why waste it or ruin it with the kind of fun that includes trouble?

Actually, that's only the beginning of the Good Fun list!

Sorry, that's not the whole list either...

Okay, that's still only the beginning of the good fun list, but I think you get the point. With so many great things to do for fun in this world, why in the world would someone waste their time with the fun that brings them trouble?

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